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May 23, 2014

Women’s housework triples during the World Cup period

  • 77% of Brit women say housework will triple during the world cup.
  • 87% of Brit women spend significantly less time with partners.
  • Mums expect their weekly wash to increase by five times.

Busy mums across the UK are dreading becoming ‘World Cup widows’ due to increasing levels of housework and lack of quality time with their partners, a new study has revealed.

The survey of 2070 Brits – conducted by laundry experts Dr. Beckmann – revealed a staggering 77% of women say their housework will triple during the World Cup due to partners and children being glued to the box.

87% of women said they spend siginificantly less quality time with their other halves during the World Cup, with 43% saying they can become depressed at the lack of attention.

The survey also revealed that mums across the country expect to see their average weekly wash increase by five times as the amount of time dads spend playing football with their kids jumps from 12 hours a year to a hugh 14 hours across a month.

In the course of an average 12 months, 87% of Brit dads admit they play football with their sons for less that a paltry 12 hours.

However, during June’s 2010 World Cup football tournament, dads all over the UK say they will spend around 14 hours playing football with their sons – resulting in a laundry hell for the mothers across the country!

An astonishing 67% of women polled admitted they’re more likely to make a laundry faux pas when doing considerably more washing, with shrinking clothes the most common mistake – a crime which wouldn’t make mum very popular if involving a favourite football shirt!

Steven Simpson, Dr. Beckmann Spokesman, said:

“As excitement for the World Cup reaches fever pitch, men across the country are playing and watching tonnes of football with either their friends or children.”

“However, it seems they forgot the impact this football obsession has on their other halves who admit to dreading the World Cup period as they feel neglected and have a mound of housework and laundry to deal with.”

“With the majority of women admitting they make more laundry faux pas when their wash load increases they may quickly find themselves in laundry hell!”

“Dr. Beckmann can take away the hell of heavy laundry loads. With products such as our Colour & Dirt Collector ansd stain removal products specifically for grass and mud, mums needn’t let the World Cup washing get too stressful!”

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