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May 22, 2013

Make Laundry Hell History

Wash with confidence thanks to Dr. Beckmann’s new Colour & Dirt Collector range.

Most people know to keep to the simple rule of separating whites, darks and colours when doing laundry. However, washing mixed colours can send even the most knowledgeable domestic goddess into a panic, as all the different coloured dyes swish round together in the wash, and attach to your clothes.


A recent poll by Dr. Beckmann revealed that a staggering 78% of the UK’s heavy washers admitted colour runs are a common problem. The study revealed that a quarter of UK households think there is no solution to this problem…until now!

Colour & Dirt Collector is a clever product range that attracts , absorbs and locks in all the stray colour and dirt in every wash – protecting your garments and keeping them bright and vibrant.

The Colour & Dirt Collector products are available in either a pack of 30 disposable sheets or one reusable cloth.

Reusable Collector

A unique cloth that can be used for up to 30 washes – perfect for those households who washing machine is on every day. The cloth is placed in the machine drum, the clothes are loaded and detergent is added as normal. The loose colour and dirt is collected and absorbed into the cloth during the wash cycle.

Thanks to its unique fabric, the colour and dirt is completely locked in and will not resettle onto your clothes so you can use it confidently again and again. The packaging also contains a numbered grid so you can tick off every time you wash, helping you remember when you have reached 30 washes.

Disposable Sheets

The disposable sheet does the same job as the reusable collector, but instead of reusing the sheet, you simply remove it at the end of the wash and throw away. Perfect for those consumers who only use their washing machine a couple of times a week. Each pack contains 30 sheets.

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