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September 1, 2015

BlanX Releases First Video with Honestly Healthy

Natasha Corrett shares her recipe for a Strawberry Gazpacho

ACDOCO are thrilled to announce the partnership of its Premium Whitening Toothpaste brand, BlanX, with creator of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett.

The first video from the two-part series was released today:

Alkaline guru and founder of Honestly Healthy Food, Natasha Corrett, provided a recipe for a summer Strawberry Gazpacho, perfect for naturally enhancing a bright, white smile.

ACDOCO worked with Brazen PR to produce the two-part series, which aim to provide support to its original range of whitening toothpastes (Advanced Whitening, Classic White, Intense Stain Removal and Extrawhite) and deliver two key brand messages. The videos will suggest that using BlanX daily provides a natural-looking, white smile over time, and also highlight the absence of harsh chemicals or abrasives (e.g. hydrogen peroxide) in its formulae.


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