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April 9, 2015

Bionsen Caring Touch blogger campaign

A month on from Caring Touch launch, what did the #bbloggers think?

Acdoco were delighted to launch a brand new Bionsen deodorant last month: Bionsen Caring Touch. This alcohol, aluminium and paraben free roll-on is available to buy exclusively from Boots.

The launch was supported by a bespoke blogger outreach campaign designed to promote the introduction of Bionsen Caring Touch at its exclusive stockist, Boots on 9th March, 2015.

We obtained fantastic coverage from thirty engaging health & beauty, lifestyle, and green bloggers in a successful social media outreach to generate online branded coverage to coincide with exclusive Boots launch.

Bionsen Caring Touch garnered extremely positive reviews and much discussion in the blogs comments on the ingredients used in deodorants “Such an interesting post… I haven’t really thought about the negative effects of ingredients in anti-perspirants but will certainly be thinking twice in future”, “I really like this brand and have recommended to lots of friends who also love it now. I also don’t get why companies add nasty ingredients to products when clearly they don’t need to. Bionsen is definitely worth a try”.

Some notable coverage came from prominent bloggers:

Em Grace, Chelles Beauty, One Little Vice, and Speaking Beauty UK.

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