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May 30, 2014


Marshall worked his way through the ranks starting as a machine operator. By the early 50′s Marshall had moved from the shopfloor to the sales office where he oversaw all the firm’s promotional and packaging activities. His success led to him being promoted to Sales Director and then on to Managing Director, at the age of 26. And it was shortly after this that ACDO introduced another product to their range, GLO WHITE fabric whitener.
Marshall realised that business would not just come to ACDO and so in 1958, he mustered all the money the company had and ploughed everything into making a TV commercial. By 1959 the business was back on its feet, and trade was so good that a night shift was again added.
This led to the advent of the Gift Department, an innovative business and loyalty building scheme where customers collected box tops, sent these in to the factory and received a gift in return. The Gift Department became exceptionally busy and in its heyday in the 1970′s, its nine staff were dispatching over 5000 gifts per week.


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